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Exhibition dairy

Wilder Käser exhibition dairy in Kirchdorf 

All the power and purity of the mountains lies in the multi-award-winning speciality cheeses from the Wilder Käser, where milk from non-silage fed cows is transformed into golden cheese by hand. Like the deliciously aromatic Tyrol Alps soft cheese (the Großer Stinker) and a deliciously mild mountain Camembert (Kleiner Stinker)  - you can smell, taste and experience Wilder Käser cheeses in the Tyrol exhibition dairy at the foot of the Wilder Kaiser mountains.


Metzgerwirt ****
Fam. Simair
Pöllmühle 7
6365 Kirchberg in Tirol
Telefon: +43 (0) 5357 2325
Fax: +43 (0) 5357 2325 49
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